Boat Trips

Come and see the Serra da Arrábida through the marine perspective!

On board one of our boats: Hernani, Biatriz, Pimpão I, Nazaré.

You can…

Look closely at the imposing Serra da Arrábida cliffs.
Discover the avifauna that exists on the Serra da Arrábida slopes (Gannose Goose, White-faced Cormorants, Royal Swift, Blue Blackbird, and seagulls, of course!). Enter in the “Lagosteira” cave. Around the Anicha Stone.
To see the peninsula of Troia and the Beach of Comporta until both get confused with the horizon. Go to the island to take a dip, and stroll around the island. Pass through the beach of Galápos, Galapinhos and Figueirinha.
All this with a sea breeze always present… and lose sight of water!
Do not forget the binoculars and the camera! And if you prefer we can make the round trip to the island, for example: take in the morning and pick up at the end of the day. The length of the boat ride is about two hours.