Dolphin Watching

Season | All year

Week days | Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Maximum of people | 12 (including Onboard and Technical Monitor)

Boarding / Disembarking site |Portinho da Arrábida 


Facilities | Portinho Divers reception center (with water closet)

About Cetaceans

When we say “Cetaceans” we speak of whales and dolphins.
They are mostly marine animals, but there are also in freshwater (Boto).
They are mammals: they breathe through their lungs, they have warm blood, and they nurse their young.


Common name | Roazes or Roazes Corvineiros (Pt)
Bottlenose dolphin (En)

Scientific Name | Tursiops truncatus

CHARACTERISTICS:Length may vary from 2 to 4 meters, weight can range from 150 to 600kg, soft body, the dorsal area is grayish-black, the flanks are light gray and the ventral zone is white, breeding season runs from spring to summer.


Common name | Common Dolphin or Toninha (Pt)
Common dolphin (En)

Cientific Name | Delphinus delphis

CHARACTERISTICS: Slim body, muzzle, yellowish, hourglass-shaped blotchy spot, length varies between 164 and 201 cm.